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My Motivation

The 18th of June 2018 marks 1 year of recovery. After my 6-year battle with
depression I hit rock bottom. On the 18th of June last year I was rushed to hospital
and put in emergency care for 20 hours fighting for my life. Once stable I was
transferred to the cardiac ward for a further 4 days.1 year ago I was dying in my
Dunedin flat bedroom alone because I let my depression get on top of me. A long
journey followed with the amazing support of my family and close friends.
Medication was part of my healing but the largest part was learning my worth again. I embraced my quiet time through painting and drawing. I surrounded myself with nature by attempting a hill walk every day. I loved sitting by the ocean and just breathing.
I hugged my sister as much as I could. I just took my time and removed all
expectations I had put on myself over the years. I just focused on each day.
Exercise, art and talk therapy were my saviours. I have discovered so much about
myself in the past year. I can honestly say that I am proud of the woman I am today.
I am in Dunedin again studying a different bachelor (from neuroscience to fashion
design). I have a partner who I love dearly and he treats me as an equal. I laugh
most days. I reach out when I am having bad days and I know that it won't last. I love myself again. I know my worth and I don’t settle for less. I still hang out with old mate depression but now I know how to put him in his place. 1 year ago I couldn't see forward to tomorrow.
Today I see a future.